Hejdå, Sverige

I’ve put off writing this post for far too long, but I think that’s mostly because when I know it’s published, it will be the end to an era. But, whether or not I like it, I’ve been back home in America for almost 5 days now, and it honestly feels like my time abroad is all but a dream.

The last few weeks in Stockholm were filled with crammed study sessions, hastily written essays at the last minute, packing and cleaning like crazy, and many tearful goodbyes. Part of me knows that I’ll be back someday, but I know it will never be in the same way again. The city I’ve come to love will always be there, but the people that filled my time and memories in Stockholm with such richness will never be all reunited in the place we called “holm” again.

I know, however, that this is what makes abroad so special. It will always live in my memory as one of the best times of my life, and part of me wonders the reason it is so special is because it is so short lived. Everyone, including myself, knew that our time in Sweden and Europe was so short that we knew to take advantage of every opportunity and live everyday to the fullest, even if there were hard days that came along. I hope that I can continue this sentiment in my everyday life.

Last Stockholm selfie

So, in short, I want to express my gratitude for everyone (and everything) that made this semester so incredible. Thank you to every friend I made in Stockholm who went on countless adventures with me, including visiting a Swedish sauna and jumping into a freezing lake completely naked (looking at you, Erin). Thank you to my visiting host family for taking me in without knowing anything about me and giving me a place to feel at home when I was miles away from my own. Thank you to fika, for teaching me that work is not everything and it is completely acceptable to stop everything for an hour to indulge in yourself. Thank you to DIS for giving me the tools I needed to learn to live on my own in a foreign country. And finally, thank you to Stockholm and Sweden for giving me a confidence in myself that I’ve never known before.

Vi ses, Sverige. I’ll see you soon.



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